Herman Miller - Ardea Personal Light
  • Herman Miller - Ardea Personal Light


    At A Glance:
    "With a nature-inspired design by Yves Behar of Fuse Project, the Ardea personal light is simple, trim and infinitely adjustable. Its compact fluorescent technology is energy efficient. Placed on a side table, end table or home-office desktop, Ardea lets you direct light right where you need it - on paperwork, a keyboard or a good book."

    What's To Like:
    "Ardea looks and feels exotically beautiful - like the elegant heron, the bird that inspired its design. And it's so very easy to adjust the Ardea - the flexible hinges keep it in place just where you need it."

    The Bottom Line:
    " Ardea Personal Light is an elegantly designed, supremely functional desk lamp with a personal touch. Because of its great adaptability and helpful features, you'll feel like it was made just for you, your desk, and your lighting needs." -Herman Miller

    Color: Chrome
    • Details


      • Neck: extends from 18" to 35.5" high
      • Even light. the CF bulb is surrounded by a mirror reflector, which ensures even light distribution and a cool lampshade.
      • Easily adjustable. Flexible hinges at the base and head allow for infinite light adjustment.
      • Fluid look. Hinges are continuous with the rigid structure.
      • Energy efficient. Compact mini-fluorescent 13w bulb is low-energy consuming (0.17 amps at 120v).
      • 84 percent recyclable. Developed for minimal environmental impact.